Expertise and experience

BRANDmacher is an affiliate of PR-COM, one of the leading German consulting companies for strategic communication and public relations focusing on services for IT and technology industries. PR-COM has 20 years of experience in communication consulting, serving renowned clients from the IT and telecommunication sectors with great success, including companies such as adesso AG, Dell, Micro Focus, Red Hat or Toshiba.

BRANDmacher was founded as a stand-alone and industry-independent full-service communication consultancy to meet the growing demands of the digital media landscape.

A partner that is driven to succeed

Our objective is always to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. That's the only way to establish the trust and openness required to ensure maximum success. The BRANDmacher staff make quality their highest priority in every single aspect of the services we provide. Our objective is not merely to satisfy customers, we want to delight them.

The Agile methodology

Agile Project Management

The rapid change occurring in the communication habits of various commercial target groups requires agile project management as a counterweight to maintain stability.  At the core of this principle lies an iterative approach with regular feedback loops for communication activities at all levels — during the analysis, strategy, planning, execution, and performance assessment phases, both within the team and with the client.

In contrast to traditional approaches, agile management of communication strategies and their implementation does not involve planning and deploying in a single step. Instead, shorter planning, implementation, and performance assessment phases recur in sequence.

This approach is superior because it accounts for the dynamic nature of the new media landscape, affording us maximum flexibility and control and consequently providing our customers measurable success. Of course this does not mean long-term corporate strategy is neglected in the process.


BRANDmacher uses software tools that PR-COM has developed and perfected over the last 20 years to make a major contribution to the success of its clients’ communications.

The objective: any piece of information should be available within 10 seconds. Speed, efficiency, and responsiveness but also precision and high information quality are the result.

Global reach

BRANDmacher subscribes to the philosophy, “Think global, act local.” That’s why the agency has established trusted connections to other excellent communication agencies in the North American, South American, European, Asian, and Pacific markets. This ensures our clients receive the best possible local service. 

Particularly companies that are active on a global scale require partners for their communication needs in the various regions who are in a position to offer the best possible performance.