Pegasystems launcht COVID-19 App zum Risikomanagement

München, 20. März 2020 – Pegasystems, führender Anbieter von strategischen Software-Lösungen für Vertrieb, Marketing, Service und Operations, hat die Einführung einer kostenlosen App angekündigt, die den Kunden von Pegasystems helfen soll, die Verbreitung von COVID-19 unter den Mitarbeitern nachzuverfolgen, zu mindern und gleichzeitig die Geschäftskontinuität angesichts der globalen Pandemie zu gewährleisten.  

Der COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker wurde in nur wenigen Tagen mit der Low Code Pega Platform™ entwickelt und bietet Geschäftsführern aktualisierte Dashboards zum COVID-19-Status ihrer Mitarbeiter. Sie helfen Managern, fundiertere Entscheidungen zu treffen, die für die Sicherheit der Mitarbeiter und den Fortschritt des Betriebs sorgen. Die Mitarbeiter geben ihren COVID-19-Status selbst in der App an, was eine Reihe von automatisierten Mitteilungen an die Personalabteilung, die Manager und die betroffenen Mitarbeiter auslöst, die rechtzeitig Informationen zur Personalbesetzung, zur Zeitplanung und zur Unterstützung der Mitarbeiter enthalten.

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Pega Launches Free App To Help Clients Track COVID-19 Employee Exposure and Mitigate Risks

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – March 20, 2020Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, today announced the launch of a free app to help its clients track the spread of COVID-19 among employees and maintain business continuity in the face of the global pandemic.   

Built in just days with the low-code Pega Platform™, the COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker app provides business leaders with live dashboards that visualize the scope of COVID-19 exposure in their workforce and the impact it may have on operations. This data helps them make more informed decisions to keep employees safe and business moving forward. Employees self-report their COVID-19 status via a short set of risk assessment questions. Their answers feed into the status dashboards and trigger a series of automated actions that guide affected employees, their managers, and human resources with instructions on how to manage their situation. 

The app was inspired by a Pega client, one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. with over 200,000 employees and volunteers. The company needed a solution to manage the health and scheduling of its staff, many of whom are doctors and nurses on the front lines on the fight against COVID-19. Using the Pega Platform for low-code application development, the organization configured and deployed a solution to help understand who is cleared to work and determine when infected or at-risk staff can reenter the schedule rotation. 

While this provider built its app to suit its specific needs, Pega developed COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker to be used by Pega clients across any industry. Organizations can customize how the software reacts to different risk scenarios to meet the unique needs and policies of their business. The Pega app comes with pre-built automated workflows that drive customizable actions such as:

  • Analyzing employees’ risk levels (high, medium, or low) based on screening questions
  • Sending tailored instructions to the affected employee based on their risk level
  • Alerting applicable managers and HR on newly-assessed employees
  • Generating checklists for HR managers with actions for affected employees
  • Estimating the likely return-to-work date for employees 
  • Sending employees periodic reminders to update their COVID-19 health status to help ensure the most up-to-date data and staff availability 

Clients can also configure the Pega app and integrate it with other existing systems, including HR and scheduling, to perform additional functions such as:

  • Identifying other employees who might have been exposed to an infected worker based on their meeting schedule or offices visited
  • Continuity planning to maintain ongoing work with unaffected staff
  • Alerting other departments who need to take action on building access, scheduling, and communication

With an intuitive visual approach, Pega Platform enables professional and citizen developers alike to build software faster, more accurately, and at less cost. It also leverages intelligent automation, case management, AI, and robotics to drive business processes and customer journeys from end to end. Pega unifies these back-end processes with its customer engagement applications on the front end to empower businesses to provide superior customer experiences on any channel.  

The COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker is available today at no cost for all current Pega Platform clients. Visit the Pega Marketplace to download the application. 

Quotes & Commentary

“Speed and accuracy are critical elements in times of crisis,” said Alan Trefler, founder and CEO, Pegasystems. “With the state of the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolving, Pega quickly developed this app to help our clients ensure the wellbeing of their employees and customers while also helping to mitigate their business risks. We hope this contributes in some small way to the ongoing fight against the virus during these extraordinary circumstances.”

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Pega is the leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence. The world’s most recognized and successful brands rely on Pega’s AI-powered software to optimize every customer interaction on any channel while ensuring their brand promises are kept. Pega’s low-code application development platform allows enterprises to quickly build and evolve apps to meet their customer and employee needs and drive digital transformation on a global scale. For more than 35 years, Pega has enabled higher customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increased customer lifetime value. For more information on Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA) visit

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Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA) ist führender Anbieter von Kundenbindungs-Software für Vertrieb, Marketing, Service und Operations. Die Pega-Lösungen in den Bereichen CRM und Intelligent Automation beinhalten Artificial-Intelligence-Technologie und Roboterautomatisierung für ein optimiertes Kundenerlebnis – kanalübergreifend und in Echtzeit. Zu den Kunden von Pegasystems zählen einige der größten und innovativsten Unternehmen der Welt. Pega-Anwendungen sind On-Premise oder in der Cloud verfügbar und werden auf der einheitlichen Pega PlatformTM entwickelt. Weitere Informationen sind unter verfügbar. 


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